About Us

Who we are?


ICASEC Risk Services is a provider of advanced security & risk services through the use of holistic approaches.

We have invested in guarding services that make use of technological advancements in order to offer our clients a convenient service that gives them peace of mind and assurance.

Our partners at BICASEC are made up of individuals with extensive experience in the emergency control room environment, armed response, tactical response, close protection management & risk assessment and customer care.

We are a verified Level 1 BBBEE Contributor and proudly invest in the broader economic landscape at all levels through skills development, employment equity, socio-economic development, preferential procurement as well as enterprise development, especially small and medium enterprises (SMMEs), promoting the entry of black entrepreneurs into the mainstream of economic activity and the advancement of co-operatives.

Your Security Architects

We Assess, Plan, Design and Review the perfect security measures for you.


Why Choose Us?

1. Knowledge and Experience
  • Exceptional background in implementation, development and management of security needs
  • Extensive understanding of the latest security products and standards
  • Innovative ways and means of security-enhanced various establishments
2. Responsive, Practical and Realistic
  • Each establishment has its unique security requirements
  • Our culture of rapid response to client feedback enhances security & law enforcement
  • Rational & cost-effective solutions for dynamic needs
3. Professionalism

The cornerstone to our business value is superior service, integrity and respect to our call. We live by the philosophy that security business is all about cost/benefit relationships

4. Increased Flexibility
  • Choice of suitable technology
  • Management of implementation, people, processes, incident response and recovery
  • Correctly manage the security product lifecycle

Our Capabilities

Guarding / 95%
Monitoring & Response / 85%
Technical Services / 89%
Close Protection Officers / 97%
Control Room/Bureau Services / 75%
Security-based Supply Chain Management / 75%
Risk Management Solutions / 75%