The armed escorts is being utilized by armed managers and personnel that has the knowledge to understand the firearm Control Act and the safety for general public. GET QUOTE
INVESTIGATIONS Being a company in the fight and prevention of crime we had to do numerous investigations in private and commercial sector. READ MORE ARMED
Our current partner is Monitor Net, with their years’ experience in the industry and leading officers they have the necessary skills to back up BICASEC. READ MORE
EVENTS Our services also include event security where we place a sufficient quantity of stationary and patrolling officers at key points of the venue to ensure the safety of your visitors at your event. READ MORE TEMPORARY
Our short term guarding services benefit those that need guards for a certain period of time. READ MORE
Our risk assessment can be of great value for any individual who is uncertain what to do for proper security protection at any premises. READ MORE

Welcome to BICASEC

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Our Services

BICASEC Risk Services was formed with the aim to provide advanced security services by using a holistic approach.

Why Choose Us?

1. Knowledge and Experience
  • Outsatnding background in implementation, development and management of security needs
  • Extensive understand of latest security products and standards
  • Innovative ways and means of security enhanced various establishments
2. Responsive, Practical and Realistic
  • Each establishment has its unique security requirements
  • Our culture of rapid response to client feedback enhances security & law enforcement
  • Rational & cost effective solutions for dynamic needs
3. Professionalism
  • The cornerstone to our business value is superior service, intergrity and respect to our call. We live by the philosophy that security business is all about cost/benefit relationship
4. Increased Flexibility
  • Choice of suitable technology
  • Management of implementation, people, processes, incident response and recovery
  • Correctly manage the security product lifecycle

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